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In this section we show you how we applied the stencil to the rear door on our half track.

See links to our You Tube channel where you can find to how to video instructions.



Step By Step Guide

Download Full Instructions

Getting the tools right is always a good start and don't forget to clean the surface before you apply.

Necessary Equipment.jpg

Decide the right position and, secure in place lightly with masking tape while you check.

Offer it up.jpg

Once happy with position create a hinge using masking tape along the top of the stencil.

Hinge when in position.jpg

Lift the stencil on the hinge and remove the backing paper carefully.

Hinge and remove backing.jpg

Use a squeegee (or credit card, or smooth surface) to remove any air pockets.

Smooth Down with Applicator.jpg

Re smooth if necessary, again using smooth surface.

Resmooth if necessary.jpg

So finally prep done lets start painting, it may take more than one coat so take your time.

Finally carefully apply paint.jpg

Once dry it's try, but not so dry the stencil is stuck your ready to remove

Once Dry (but not too dry) peal back the

Your now finished!

The finished result.jpg

Remember always prep the surface, and make sure its clean.

Hood -1 Prep The Area.jpg

Measure and position exactly where its needed., some people do use a spirit level to check the position.

Measure and position.jpg

It maybe necessary to make adjustments to the stencil to get it to fit your vehicle. Here we have had to cut it to allow for the grab handle.

Adjust if necessary.jpg

Once removed carefully smooth down on to the body/surface of the vehicle.

Apply Carefully To Body.jpg

Carefully peel back the application tape from the front of the stencil.

remove the application tape (2).jpg

We chose to use a roller rather than spray paint but the choice is yours.


Completely cover the stencil, it might take a few coats.

Cover the complete stencil.jpg

Gently peel back the stencil from the body.

Gently peel off.jpg
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