We offer a custom made stencil service, which we make stencils to your exact requirements, with different fonts, sizes and styles. In addition to this we also stock a standard range of stencils which can be purchased through our online shop.

We specialise in vinyl paint mask stencils which are for single use and clay coated polyethylene for multi-use stencils. An example of the 2 types of stencil we can provide are shown below along with examples of each:


We can also produce by request Stainless Steel stencils for those needing something more longer lasting, please contact us for more details.


See our Video of the different types of materials and there uses.

  • Standard Single Use Material

    Vinyl Paint Mask Stencils
    Single Use

    This is our most commonly used material and is the modern and easy way to mark up your vehicle.  Made from 75 micron low tack paint mask and most prices on our site are for stencils in this material.  Will give you an A1 finish when applied.


    • Low Cost
    • Easy To Use
    • Excellent Neat Finish
    • Reduces Overspray
    • Sticky Back
    • Very Flexible
    • Ideal for intricate work

  • Standard Multi-Use Material

    Clay Coated Polyethylene Stencils

    This is the modern oil board equivalent, they are
    made from a 8.5mil clay coated palstic, which conforms easier than traditional stencils to curved or  irregular surfaces.


      • Easy to Use
      • Sticky Back
      • Excellent Neat Finish
      • Flexible
      • Quick to Apply

      • Multi Use

  • Multi-Use Special Order Material
    1mm Semi Ridged Plastic Stencils Multi-Use

    This is the a 1mm plastic material that can be wiped down and reused over and over again, only to be used on flat surfaces.

    lease note only certain products are available in this material, please ask for further information


     • Easy to Use
     • Unlimited Uses
     • Long lasting
     • Semi Ridged
     • Quick to Apply

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