M29C Weasel

From the 1920s to the 1930s, the South Bend company had originated many style and engineering milestones,including the Light Four,Light Six, Special Six, Big Six models, the record-breaking Commander and President,followed by the 1939 Champion. During World War II, Studebaker produced the Studebaker US6 truck in great quantity and the unique M29 Weasel cargo and personnel carrier. After cessation of hostilities, Studebaker returned to building automobiles that appealed to average Americans.  Text Taken from Wikipedia

Picture of Weasel M29 Kit
Stencil Kit for Weasel M29 & M29C


Picture of Unit Serial Number Stencil
Unit Serial Number Stencil


Picture of Hood Invasion Star Alternative Style
Alternative style bonnet star with flat edges to the circle brakes

From £12.00

Picture of US Hood Numbers
Pair of single use hood numbers


Picture of Front & Rear Unit Markings
Single use front & rear unit marking set


Picture of M Series Star
Plain allied or M series star

From £3.00

Picture of Reusable M Series Kit
Set of Reusable M Series Stars


Picture of Invasion Star
Allied Invasion Star

From £3.00

Picture of Normandy Invasion Star
Normandy Invasion Bonnet Star

From £3.00